Kickboxing & Boxing – Designed for all fitness levels, our boxing and kickboxing classes are fast-paced, high-energy cardio workouts designed to get you in shape and help you reach your fitness goals fast! Instructors utilize numerous combinations of punching, kicking, and body movements that will propel you into shape.


Circuit Training – Class begins with a warm-up of dynamic exercises, which may include weights, running, and bodyweight drills to get your heart rate going. Then we mix in various calisthenics exercises, abs, and finish with a total body stretch.


Taekwondo – Both the Children's and Adult Taekwondo Classes teach the Korean Martial Art that is translated "The art of kicking and punching." This is a traditional martial arts program with uniform and belt structure with periodic belt testings and promotion to the next belt color.  The adult program also emphasizes the martial art of Hapkido which translated means the "Way of the Circle."  Circular blocks and counter attacks are utilized in this martial art that is a pure "Self Defense" art.  


Kids Program – Age 4-15 (see schedule for age group) – Will improve their overall coordination, strength, speed, and agility incorporating boxing and kickboxing to improve motor skills. Kids will also get a sense of discipline while learning self-defense.


Get Fit – Combines TRX and kettle bells to create a method of resistance training and suspension training to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. This energetic, challenging and fun class will be sure to elevate and transform your body in unimaginable ways.


Weight Training – This class is designed to help shed fat while building strength and endurance. We will use a variety of equipment to target every muscle group in your body for a well-rounded weight routine.


Strength Training – Similar to weight training this class is built around building strength and conditioning your muscles by using heavier weight in a lower rep range.


Fight Fit – Designed to improve strength, conditioning, explosiveness and coordination through routines utilized in the world of combatant sports, this class is guaranteed to take your fitness to the next level.


Build Fit / HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training is a technique which will have you pushing through this 30 minute class with one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, follow by short, active recovery periods.


50/50 Strike Club – Combines the fundamentals of boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai and ground & pound striking styles, focusing on both defensive and offensive tactics to create a diverse, thorough and super fun workout.


Teen Strike Club – Takes on all the elements of our 50/50 Strike Club with age appropriate methods of training to build confidence, discipline and respect. Our youth striking programs include fundamentals of striking, skipping rope, stretching, strengthening, shadowboxing and bag work.


Butts & Guts – Focusing heavily on abs and glutes, this class will strengthen your core while simultaneously toning up your entire mid-section. You are guaranteed to feel the burn during our Butts & Guts class.


Stretching – This 30 minute class includes stretches for the entire body. Balance your workout routine with flexibility training for enhanced performance and reduced risk of injury.


10 Rounds – Taking the “work at your own pace” method to the next level! You will have 3 minutes to work at each of the 10 prewritten stations. Move at your own pace through each round with a coach on site for demonstrations.


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Lemon Grove, CA 91945

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