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Kids Program
Mighty Mite
(4-6 Years Old)


This class will improve the overall motor skills of the child. Guaranteed to be fun and fast paced. The kids will work on ladder drills to improve agility and also emphasizing discipline to the youth. 

Kids Program
(7-10 Years Old)


This class is focused on introducing fitness as a lifestyle to the kids. The kids will get in shape and get basic introduction to boxing and kickboxing. Every class is team oriented and focuses on improving kids coordination, agility and strength. This class is a great way to fight child obesity with the younger generation.


Kids Program
(11-14 Years Old)


This class focuses on basic techniques of boxing, kickboxing and self defense. The kids will also be introduced to defense moments and be given opportunity to display in light sparring.  The kids will be challenged in fitness tests to show progress.





Additionally, check out our After School Program!


My son participates in the Body By Discipline Program & he loves it!:)  The improvement in coordination & self esteem is UNBELIEVABLE!:)  I cannot praise Jacque enough!  He is AWESOME at what he does! I would recommend anyone to him & this program!  My son went from saying he was uncoordinated & unable to be athletic to a child who loves to go to this class!:)

-Shelly M (El Cajon)


My son is a high school football player and wanted to get in better shape during the off season to "up his game". Chris put together a program suited just for my son and he was in great shape when the season started and he continues to work out with Chris.  Even though he works out with his team and plays a full game each week, he's dripping from head to toe after a 1 hour session.  I'm so grateful for Chris and his dedication to fitness.  My son has more confidence and is a better football player because of his expert advice.

Some Great Workout Ideas for Kids

Let's get our kids into a good habit young by giving them fun and diverse workouts! Almost all forms of exercise are beneficial for kids, even weight lifting. Focus on the primordial movements such as: Vertical/Horizontal push and pull, squats, lunges, core strength and mobility. Steer clear of explosive lifts and any heavy loading of the spine like barbell back squats.

Make sure you challenge them, without discouraging them by pushing too hard, to use a variety of their muscle groups. Instead of focusing on power and strength try to work on endurance and a wide range of motions. Weight lifting is okay as something that compliments a child’s already incredibly active lifestyle. Always encourage them to go out and play!

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