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Personal Training

The best way to get optimal results and achieve your fitness goals fast is to have your own personal trainer motivate you and customize a personal training program suited just for your needs.



  • Analyze Your Current Physical Condition

  • Design a Program Specific to Your Needs and Goals

  • Motivate You to Reach Your Goals

  • Make Sure that You are Using Proper Form and Technique

  • Make Your Workout Program Tough but Fun!

  • Support You on Your Journey to Become Your Best Physically and Mentally

  • Change Your Program Periodically To Keep it Fresh and to Optimize Results

  • If you are serious about reaching your fitness goals, it’s time to step it up to the next level and get our trainers involved to personally help you get there



Being in the military we are held to a standard of being below 23% body fat and after I found out I was above 26% with 6 weeks left until my weigh in I started looking for options.for me it was make weight or get separated from the military. That's when i found a flier on my car from bodybydiscipline. They had just opened a new location here in point loma so I decided to check it out. After my first workout I signed up for a membership I attended 4 classes a week boxing,  kickboxing, TRX/abs, and circuit training were my favorites. Working with this staff they kept me motivated when i wanted to quit they even gave me advice on my eating habits. On GameDay my body fat % was 20% and I couldn't have did it without the staff at BbyD. I came in looking for a quick solution and ended up changing my entire lifestyle. 


March 7, 2013 is my anniversary. You see, this is the day I divorced my former self and began working out with Chris Lumpkin, owner and founder of Body by Discipline.   I spoke with Chris a week prior and nervously addressed my issues.  You see, I love food. I was a chef, I love to cook and eat and it showed.


Chris' one on one training was designed exclusively for me.  He listened, watched, adapted and adjusted. My sessions with Chris made me feel like I was his soul priority and that is what I needed. Chris never refused to give up on me and taught me how to fight for me. Each time we met, exercise was both fun yet challenging.  But together we did it. 


Before you know it, those bad knee pains were gone, that back pain that has been constant for the past 4 years eased up.  For the first time in my entire life, I could run! In just 3 short months, this out of shape, overweight person was transformed.  


I have followed Chris to his new location.  Here he paired me up with trainer and boxing coach, Raul. I cross train with both trainers on different days. Their different styles keep me on my feet.  Together, Chris and Raul have made me a beast and they are my beast masters!  I laugh, I cuss, I sweat, I go home knowing I put in work.  And the


Just last month, I celebrated my birthday. With all the looks and stares, folks have been asking me how I did it. The real deal, I no longer do fad diets or quick fixes. I hit the gym with my beast masters, Chris and Raul. I go hard and I love it! Yes, I love it!  It's that simple. 


I no longer stare at folks wishing I could do what they do; I am doing what they can do!  My body is no longer under reconstruction, it's now under discipline.


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