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our trainers

Our trainers are experts in fitness, nutrition, weight loss, kids programs,  boxing, kickboxing, MMA, Functional Training, Strength and Conditioning, and various combatant sports.


Chris LumpkinMr. Lumpkin grew up in Southern California and left sunny San Diego to pursue an athletic scholarship in football. After college, Mr. Lumpkin started Body By Discipline in order to continue his vision that was created when he began his career as a recruiter: to assist people with their personal goals and providing them a path to meet those goals. His duties as Owner are to help people reach their goals.


Captain Attiq Jihad- Is a professional MMA fighter who also is well educated in kickboxing and boxing. While being very passionate with special needs kids, He also focuses on mixing training with therapy & spirituality.


Coach Mikey -  Mikey is Certified personal trainer focusing on Boxing and unique blend of skills and experiences. He loves helping people reach there goals thru Weight training! 


Coach Nesto - Nesto is a boxing coach who Specializes with kids aged 4-10. With a boxing background of 5 years. Very patient with beginners and all ages.


Coach Christian -  Christian is a current fighter on our fight team, Who Also has a passion for coaching as well. And plans on going Pro with all the skills he has learned at such a young age.


Coach Katt -  Katt is our Gym manager, But also a personal trainer with a passion for helping young women achieve their fitness journey goals in all age groups. While teaching discipline but still making it enjoyable & fun!

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