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our trainers

Our trainers are experts in fitness, nutrition, weight loss, kids programs,  boxing, kickboxing, MMA, Functional Training, Strength and Conditioning, and various combatant sports.


Chris LumpkinMr. Lumpkin grew up in Southern California and left sunny San Diego to pursue an athletic scholarship in football. After college, Mr. Lumpkin took his passion for helping people in achieving their goals and became an executive recruiter.  His personality quickly led him to excel with this position, earning him numerous sales achievement awards. In 2005, Mr. Lumpkin ventured out into business for himself, opening his own recruiting firm.


Mr. Lumpkin started Body By Discipline in order to continue his vision that was created when he began his career as a recruiter: to assist people with their personal goals and providing them a path to meet those goals. His duties as Owner are to help people reach their goals.


Jacques Lumpkin- Jacques has a B. S., in Recreation from San Diego State University. He is also a credentialed teacher and has taught nine years in a juvenile detention facility.  Jacques created Prevention Before Detention to encourage kids to "Workout and not Hangout. He also partnered with his brother Chris Lumpkin to start Body by Discipline.


Marco Medina- Marco began boxing at the age of 12 under Coach Cital and Coach Thomas III in La Mesa. From that point on boxing became a discipline for him. He continues to learn from the sport and has dedicated himself to becoming a great coach. "I hope to encourage others through each exercise, each class and each session here at Body by Discipline." 


Derik Hernandez- Derik has been training at Body by Discipline for about a year. He specializes in strength and conditioning and is certified through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Prior to becoming a personal trainer, Derik was in the US Army. He is now extremely passionate when it comes to helping other achieve their health and fitness goals.

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